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Skylightz Memory Series NFT is a unique collection featuring memorable experiences by Skylightz, engraved into the blockchain for all.


Relive the best moments of the most epic Pokemon card pulls with our first NFT drop – the Skylightz Memory Series.

We wanted to engrave Skylightz’s memories through the use of blockchain, these memories will live on forever as NFTs, and the NFTs will also be available for trading by its owners.

Every NFT ends with a highly stylized digitized version of the individual cards, giving the entire Memory Series NFTs an ultramodern futuristic feel.

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Owning a Skylightz Memory Series NFT automatically makes you a member of the exclusive Skylightz ecosystem. What’s more, holders get to enjoy exclusive benefits as the community grows and more utilities are introduced.

Holders will be granted exclusive access to:

1. Limited edition exclusive merch
2. Exclusive airdrops
3. Project collabrations
4. Whitelists for the upcoming Edenverse first collection, All Stars. Learn more here (link to https://www.edenverse.world)

Bringing Web 3.0 to Skylightz Gaming

We are passionate about the power of Web 3.0 to create new fan experiences in our community, unlocking new paradigms in gaming, and this is the first step to realize our vision.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A: A representation of Skylightz’s experiences in the gaming and collectibles, specially designed into commemorative 3D cubes.

A: Memories are forever. There will be uniquely 20 different pieces in the first release.

A: Skylightz Memory Series will be launched publicly, without private sales or whitelists. Everyone gets a fair chance.

A: Besides being uniquely designed in 3D and forever engraved into the blockchain, each one of them grants you whitelist into Edenverse’s All Star NFT and it comes with hidden utility yet to be revealed.